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Your advantages with us for over 30 years
  • Entire production made in Germany (handmade)
  • German specialists (Employees have mostly been with the family business since it was founded)
  • High quality and durability (high quality materials, better and experienced manufacturing)
  • Custom-made production according to specific configuration within 1-2 weeks and according to your requirements
  • Further scale of discounts on request

Reliable temperature measurements – Therma equips you with wire thermocouples for precise measurements

Various areas of industry require tools that enable the measurement of temperatures. We can provide you with reliable products. At Therma, you can purchase wire thermocouples for a wide range of applications. A type K wire thermocouple is used to measure temperatures at critical points. With the help of accurate measurement results, overheating can be detected in good time and an appropriate response can be made. The market offers various wire thermocouples, which have different properties depending on the type and are therefore suitable for different temperature ranges and areas of application. Do you need a wire thermocouple? Get professional advice from our experts. We will help you find a suitable wire thermocouple that is ideal for the planned area of application. The right choice of thermometer is particularly important, as this is the only way to ensure that the wire thermocouple is ideally suited to the prevailing temperatures and external influences such as humidity.

Type K wire thermocouple measures exact temperatures even in humid environments

Wire thermocouples are used to measure temperatures. The differentiation is characterized by the type of product. At Therma you will find the type K wire thermocouple, which consists of two metallic conductors. They are required for measuring thermoelectric voltage at the measuring point. Unlike conventional measuring parts, the two conductors are encapsulated with Teflon. The reason for this is that the product is designed for use in humid atmospheres. The Teflon prevents the formation of capillary vessels, which could cause the penetration of liquid. A type K wire thermocouple is therefore both waterproof and protected against gas and steam. In addition, power thermocouples differ in their application temperature limits. The type K wire thermocouple can be used in a temperature range between – 75 °C and +250 °C. The product can also be used for short-term measurements at up to 300 °C.

Therma provides you with the right wire thermocouple for your requirements

A wire thermocouple offers many options for measuring temperatures quickly, easily and precisely at the desired measuring point. Are you looking for a type K wire thermocouple in a specific length? We at Therma can meet your requirements. As part of our range of services, our wire thermocouples can also be requested and manufactured individually. If you require our product in a cable length not listed or with a special connection, you can contact our consultants with your inquiry. We will check the feasibility of your requirements and try to implement them as requested. Discounts and individual offers can also be requested via our free advisory service. Our experts have extensive specialist knowledge. In this way, we can ensure that you receive the best possible service and high-quality products. Do you need a specific wire thermocouple? Contact us by phone or send an inquiry to our email address.

We impress with professional advice and high-quality wire thermocouples

When you use wire thermocouples, the most important thing is that the products provide reliable measurement results. The materials are selected with high quality standards so that our wire thermocouples are ideally suited for the intended application. In addition, the products are durable due to their high-quality manufacturing and are therefore a worthwhile long-term investment. Wire thermocouples are used for temperature measurements, so the product must deliver high performance. Precise measurements can help to recognise and avoid serious dangers in good time in the event of overheating. The reliability of our products is therefore our top priority. Over 30 years of experience characterise not only the quality of our products, but also the quality of our service and advice. Do you have any questions about your type K wire thermocouple? Our consultants can advise you in all ways. Whether it’s product information, recommendations or answering questions – we are happy to help.