Standard resistance thermometer

Easy and reliable. These are the advantages of our standard resistance thermometers. The measuring resistor is protected inside a stainless steel sleeve. This ensures it is safely protected against mechanical damage. The measuring tip can also be positioned in liquids or gases. This sheathing construction is not flexible. The connecting wire is permanently attached to the stainless steel sleeve so that the measuring resistor cannot be accidentally removed from the sleeve. This offers the advantage of providing an inexpensive and flexible solution for various potential uses. We produce our standard versions with various resistances: Pt100, P1000, Ni120, NTC10 kOhm. The diameter and length of the sleeve, as well as the type and length of the wire, can also be adapted to suit your requirements.

Typical area of application



  • Scientific equipment
  • Adhesive applications
  • Plastics industry
  • Protected measuring resistor
  • Non-flexible

Images of standard resistance thermometer