Air-flow resistance thermometer

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Various resistance thermometers are suitable for measuring air flows. With these configurations, however, it is difficult if both high and low flow speeds are to be measured. Configurations with small diameters are not rigid enough at high flows; they can break off and thus cause measuring errors. Sheathing resistance thermometers of a diameter adequate enough to withstand high flow speeds exhibit deficits at low flow speeds. The problem lies in the response time.

This is why we have developed our air-flow thermometers. The measuring resistor is exposed, although it is protected by a perforated tube. Thanks to the holes in the tube, the measuring point can be easily circulated by air.  This allows rapid response times to be maintained even when the air-flow speed is low. The rigidity of the tube prevents bending at high speeds. The length of the tube, the connected wire and the connection configuration can be designed according to your requirements.

Typical area of application



  • Air-flow measurements
  • Rapid response times
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