Wire thermocouples

Rapid, simple and flexible – all attributes of a wire thermocouple. The two strands of a thermowire are galvanically bonded at one end, creating a thermocouple. This is the simplest and most inexpensive version of a thermocouple. The measuring point can be quickly positioned and the wire can be routed with flexibility to the measuring device. Thanks to the exposed measuring point, wire thermocouples have excellent response times. With electrically conductive media, care must be taken to ensure that there are no third-party currents present that could distort the measuring result. If third-party currents cannot be eliminated, we also offer wire thermocouples with an insulated measuring point, or a different design may be required. The temperature range is limited by the temperature resistance of the thermowire’s insulation or by oxidation of the exposed wire material. At higher temperatures or in more aggressive media, sheathing thermocouples should be used.

Typical area of application



  • Surface temperature
  • Temperature change measurement (multiple sensors)
  • Inexpensive
  • Good response times
  • Flexible
  • Not corrosion-resistant
  • Measuring point not insulated*

Sheathing tube thermocouples are ideal for compensating the disadvantage of the uninsulated measuring point. If you have any questions about your particular temperature measuring challenge, we would be happy to help.

Images of wire thermocouples