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Plug-in thermocouple with cap nut


F1 Exhaust gas temperature sensor


Exhaust gas sensor sheathing thermocouple

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  • High quality and durability (high quality materials, better and experienced manufacturing)
  • Custom-made production according to specific configuration within 1-2 weeks and according to your requirements
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What is an exhaust gas sensor and what are they used for?

An exhaust gas sensor is an important component of many modern cars and helps to monitor the vehicle’s emissions. The sensor is located in the exhaust system and measures the content of certain gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, which are produced when fuel is burned. This information is forwarded to the engine control unit, which can then adjust the fuel supply accordingly. This ensures that the car is more environmentally friendly and efficient. Exhaust gas sensors are widely used today and are used in both gasoline and diesel engines.

INFO: We do not offer exhaust gas sensors. Instead, we have exhaust gas temperature sensors in our range.

Buy high-quality sensors for flue gas systems from Therma GmbH

At Therma GmbH you will find high-quality thermal sensors in various designs. We specialize in thermal sensors for motorsport. These must meet certain conditions and be perfectly processed to ensure that they are suitable and safe. You can rest assured that all products from Therma GmbH meet the highest quality standards and therefore offer you safety on the racetrack. Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive technical know-how, we are able to manufacture first-class sensors. All our sensors are manufactured by hand in Germany. We can even produce customized sensors that are adapted to your specific needs. Our sensors for exhaust systems, for example, are very popular. You can find these on our website in various designs!

The advantages of an exhaust gas sensor from Therma

An exhaust gas sensor from Therma can bring many benefits to cars. With our exhaust gas sensors, the vehicle’s emissions can be measured and optimized. This means that fuel consumption is reduced and at the same time there is less impact on the environment. An exhaust gas sensor can also help to detect and correct faults in the car’s engine before they develop into major problems. Installing an exhaust gas sensor from Therma can therefore not only save money and protect the environment, but also extend the life of the car.

Reducing emissions and improving performance with Therma’s exhaust gas sensors for motor vehicles

Reducing emissions remains an important focus for car manufacturers and vehicle owners. Thanks to Thermas exhaust gas sensors, motor vehicles can now effectively and efficiently reduce emissions and improve performance. Our advanced exhaust gas sensors work in conjunction with engine control units to ensure precise monitoring and regulation of exhaust emissions. This can reduce environmental impact while improving engine performance. So with Therma exhaust sensors, you can be sure that the vehicle will deliver a cleaner and more efficient driving performance.

Improved design and new construction of the A2151 exhaust gas sensor

The exhaust gas sensor is an important part of the car that regulates emissions. The A2151 exhaust sensor has now been redesigned by Therma with an improved design and construction to further enhance its performance. With this innovation, drivers can expect more effective emissions and better fuel efficiency. The state-of-the-art technology of this exhaust sensor enables precise measurement of emissions, which plays an important role in meeting environmental regulations. The improvements to the A2151 exhaust gas sensor are an important step towards better regulated exhaust emissions in cars, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Keeping pollutants out of the air with Therma’s exhaust gas sensors

Pollutants in the air are a growing problem, especially in road traffic. For this reason, exhaust gas sensors play an important role in modern vehicles and are an indispensable component in the automotive industry. Therma’s exhaust gas sensors make an important contribution to improving air quality by accurately measuring pollutants in exhaust gases. The sensors help to comply with the statutory exhaust gas values and thus effectively protect the environment. The use of exhaust gas sensors is therefore not only important from an environmental point of view, but is also essential for the smooth and safe operation of the car.

Fair conditions and a high level of technical expertise – Therma GmbH

We are always available to answer your questions about thermal sensors. If you are unsure which sensors are best suited to your application, we will be happy to help you. With over 30 years of experience, we know exactly what to look out for. If you would like to buy sensors for exhaust systems, please contact us. Sensors for exhaust systems measure the exhaust gas temperature of a vehicle. Exhaust gas temperature sensors are therefore very important. They detect excessively high temperatures directly and report them to the engine control unit. This allows the temperature to be reduced at an early stage, for example by reducing the power output. Sensors for exhaust systems are therefore indispensable for safe and car-friendly driving.

Innovative thermocouples for motorsport

Thermocouples are used in many different ways in motorsport. Among other things, motorsport vehicles require thermocouples for their exhaust systems. At Therma GmbH you will find suitable thermocouples for your purpose at fair and transparent prices! Browse through our website and find what you are looking for. Not only do you benefit from the high quality of our sensors, but their compact design and easy installation are also major advantages of our products. All our sensors for motorsport are particularly robust and durable. Naturally, they can withstand the highest temperatures and strong vibrations with ease. If you are looking for advanced and innovative solutions, Therma GmbH is the right place for you. If you cannot find the right sensor on our website, you are welcome to contact our friendly team. We can also find individual, first-class solutions for special cases.