Temperature sensor

Temperature sensors are electrical components that deliver an electrical signal that changes in the same way as the temperature. The temperature can be measured with or without contact with the medium being measured. An infra-red sensor is one example of a contactless temperature sensor. Temperature sensors that only measure temperature with contact are resistance thermometers and thermocouples.

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Thermocouple vs. resistance thermometer

Resistance thermometers offer the advantage of greater accuracy compared to thermocouples.

Thermocouples, on the other hand, can be used at higher temperatures and offer better response times.

Product Vorteile Nachteile
  • High temperatures
  • Rapid response times
  • Reference junction
  • Ageing drift at high temperatures
Resistance thermometer
  • Very high accuracy
  • Self-heating

Temperature sensors in the shop

Screw-in RTD| Teflon | Pt100


Screw-in RTD | Teflon | Pt1000


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Screw-in RTD | Fibreglass | Pt100


Screw-in RTD| Fibreglass | Pt1000


Screw-in RTD | Fibreglass | NTC 10 kOhm


Screw-in RTD | Fibreglass | Ni120


Screw-in thermocouple | Teflon | Type K |


Screw-in thermocouple | Fibreglass | Type K |


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