Temperature sensor

Temperature sensors are electrical components that deliver an electrical signal that changes in the same way as the temperature. The temperature can be measured with or without contact with the medium being measured. An infra-red sensor is one example of a contactless temperature sensor. Temperature sensors that only measure temperature with contact are resistance thermometers and thermocouples.

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Thermocouple vs. resistance thermometer

Resistance thermometers offer the advantage of greater accuracy compared to thermocouples.

Thermocouples, on the other hand, can be used at higher temperatures and offer better response times.

Product Vorteile Nachteile
  • High temperatures
  • Rapid response times
  • Reference junction
  • Ageing drift at high temperatures
Resistance thermometer
  • Very high accuracy
  • Self-heating

Temperature sensors in the shop

Data logger temperature | 2-channels | Type K, T


Screw-in RTD| Teflon | Pt100


Screw-in RTD | Teflon | Pt1000


Screw-in RTD | Teflon | NTC 10 kOhm


Screw-in RTD | Teflon | Ni120


Screw-in RTD | Fibreglass | Pt100


Screw-in RTD| Fibreglass | Pt1000


Screw-in RTD | Fibreglass | NTC 10 kOhm


Screw-in RTD | Fibreglass | Ni120


Screw-in thermocouple | Teflon | Type K |


Screw-in thermocouple | Fibreglass | Type K |


Screw-in thermocouple| Silicone | Type K |


What are temperature sensors?

Temperature sensors are devices that are used to measure temperature changes in environments, systems or substances. They generate an electrical signal that is proportional to the change in temperature. This signal can then be analysed and interpreted to obtain an accurate temperature measurement.

In our range we offer different types of temperature sensors based on different principles and suitable for different applications.

Resistance thermometers

Resistance thermometers measure temperature by measuring the resistance of a metal (usually platinum), which changes with temperature. Resistance thermometers are known for their accuracy and stability over a wide temperature range and are often used in industrial and scientific applications.


Thermocouples are the other type of temperature sensor in our range. They consist of two different metals joined at one end. When the connected end is heated or cooled, a voltage is created that is proportional to the temperature difference between the connected end and the open end. Thermocouples are robust, inexpensive and can measure a wide temperature range, but they are not as accurate as resistance thermometers.

The advantages of temperature sensors from Therma

At Therma, we are a leading supplier of temperature sensors and offer a number of benefits that set them apart from other brands on the market.

High accuracy

One of the biggest advantages of our temperature sensors is their high accuracy. In particular, our resistance thermometers are known for their superior accuracy compared to thermocouples. This high accuracy is critical in many applications where precise temperature measurements are required to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Wide temperature range

Another advantage of our temperature sensors is their wide temperature range. Thermocouples from Therma can be used at higher temperatures, making them ideal for applications that require high temperatures, such as industrial heating and cooling processes.

Reliability and durability

Our temperature sensors are also known for their reliability and durability. They are robustly built and can provide reliable measurements under a wide range of conditions.

Customer service and support

In addition to our high-quality products, we also offer excellent customer service and support. Expert advice and support for our customers in selecting the right temperature sensor for their specific needs is a matter of course for us.

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Our customers are often looking for a variety of temperature sensors to meet the requirements of their specific applications.

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How our temperature sensors are used in industrial applications

In industrial applications, the accurate measurement of temperature is essential to ensure the quality and performance of machines and processes. Our temperature sensors provide a precise and reliable solution to these requirements. At Therma, we have years of experience in developing and manufacturing temperature sensors that are suitable for a wide range of applications. From food production to petrochemicals, our temperature sensors are customised to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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The role of temperature sensors in the automotive industry

Temperature sensors are indispensable components in the automotive industry. As a company specialising in the manufacture of temperature sensors, we are aware of the important role they play in modern vehicle technology. Temperature sensors make it possible to measure the temperature of engines, brakes or air conditioning systems and thus ensure optimum performance and safety.

Without precise temperature measurement, serious damage to the vehicle can occur. We therefore rely on the use of high-quality temperature sensors that enable accurate temperature measurement under all conditions.

Our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of temperature sensors have made us a leading supplier in this field.