Plug-in thermocouples

Plug-in thermocouples are very commonly used in machinery and systems, in plastic injection moulding and for temperature monitoring in packaging systems. The measuring point is installed with insulation inside a brass sleeve. A spring is pushed onto the wire that rests on the brass sleeve and which is connected with a bayonet cap. The thermometer is guided through a mounting adapter and secured by the bayonet cap. This configuration offers versatile adaptation of the installation length. Movements can also be compensated as a result. We produce our plug-in thermocouples with all of the common types of thermocouple. The diameter and length of the spring, as well as the type and length of the wire and type of sleeve, can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Typical area of application



  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Machinery
  • Variable installation length
  • Compensation of movements
  • Temperature limited by the wire used*

* To circumvent the disadvantage of temperature restriction by the wire used, the use of sheathing tube thermocouples is recommended.

Images of plug-in thermocouples