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Your advantages with us for over 30 years
  • Entire production made in Germany (handmade)
  • German specialists (Employees have mostly been with the family business since it was founded)
  • High quality and durability (high quality materials, better and experienced manufacturing)
  • Custom-made production according to specific configuration within 1-2 weeks and according to your requirements
  • Further scale of discounts on request

Powerful temperature measuring devices with digital display

In the industrial sector, temperature measuring instruments have to meet high requirements in terms of accuracy. In addition, there are often extreme working conditions, which is why we design our robust temperature measuring devices to withstand particularly high or particularly low temperatures. Even exposure to moisture and dusty working environments do not affect a temperature measuring device from our range of industrial thermometers. As a company with around 30 years of experience in temperature measurement technology, we offer products with the highest quality standards that are sure to meet your expectations for accurate measurements. In addition to our comprehensive range of models for diverse temperature ranges and locations, you can also purchase custom-designed temperature measurement devices from us. When our discerning customers make special requests for a digital temperature measuring device, we first plan the design in detail before prototypes are created and extensive testing is performed. Just contact us for a no-obligation consultation and use temperature measurement equipment with a future!

Our efficient precision thermometer for short measuring intervals

One of our most popular products in the field of temperature measuring device with probe is the precision seconds thermometer Type K. The easy-to-read three-and-a-half-digit LCD display is ideal for taking accurate measurements at high frequency. A Type K electronic temperature gauge features a two-pin thermocouple flat plug according to classic standardization and is compatible with a nickel-chromium-nickel probe. With a measuring range of -65 to +1,150 °C, Type K digital temperature gauges are suitable for a wide range of processes. Powerful 9V batteries allow the temperature meter to provide approximately 2000 hours of operation, taking approximately three measurements per second. The light weight and ruggedly constructed case make the temperature meter versatile. With a temperature drift of only 0.01%, you can achieve high accuracy in a surface temperature meter with a particularly high measuring frequency.

The universal temperature measuring device with data logger

Often, not only the continuous temperature measurement for monitoring the work processes is required, but also the long-term storage of the measurement data. For this purpose, we recommend our versatile temperature measuring device with recording, which covers a wide measuring range from -50 °C to +1000 °C and can thus be used as a universal display almost everywhere. If you only need a smaller measuring range of -40 °C +400 °C the temperature gauges type T (Cu-CuNi) in contrast to the broader type K (NiCr-Ni) are ideal. In either case, you get a powerful temperature measuring device that offers you high data security and a large memory for your temperature data. Around 1 million readings can be stored by the temperature meter with recording and transferred to local computers quite conveniently via USB cable or SD card. A temperature meter with data logger is also used when values need to be monitored in two places at the same time. Therefore, our digital temperature meter has connectors for thermocouple sensor type K and type T to ensure the widest possible range of applications.

Monitor industrial processes with the digital measuring device for temperatures

Our temperature measuring devices with measurement data memory are not only available as a two-channel version, but also as a temperature logger with four channels, which can record measured values in parallel. In the case of the four-channel data logger, you can also connect the temperature measuring device with probe type J in addition to the K & T types. Thus, a wide range of measuring ranges between -200° to +1000° is possible to check limit values with only one temperature measuring device in parallel at up to four points. An electronic temperature measuring device with data logger function is used to keep a quick overview of compliance with limit values without the need for a PC readout. Of course, the up to 2 million temperature values can still be transferred via USB cable if required. Temperature measuring devices like these are powered by high performance lithium batteries. So you benefit from extra long battery life. For accurate temperature checks, you can freely select measurement cycles between 1 second and 24 hours for flexible application possibilities.

Our digital temperature measuring device with probe

As a display and transmitter device, our digital thermometer is also suitable, which is compatible with nickel chrome nickel temperature probe. When you buy temperature measuring instruments, it is always important to pay attention to other core data such as working temperature and storage temperature besides the possible measuring ranges. Of course, you can buy temperature gauges from us that can withstand a wide variance of working and storage temperature and function properly even at higher humidity. That is why our temperature measuring devices are equipped with robust housings that provide protection from environmental influences and produce accurate results even in adverse conditions. The temperature gauge digital display PT 100 or PT 1000 is universal and therefore has a VA spring clamp, which facilitates the attachment to the panel. When you buy temperature measuring devices from us, you can be sure that you will be advised on the right product for your specific field of application and receive a qualitative device that will work reliably with a long service life.