Digital thermometer for NiCr-Ni, Pt100 or Pt1000


THN – Digital & Analog Thermocouple Connector Conditionner


THK – Thermocouple Amplifier


THA – Thermocouple Connector Conditionner


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To optimize the data acquisition of your temperature measurements, Therma offers several solutions. Our temperature loggers and thermocouple data loggers are accurate and reliable, allowing you to accurately measure and record temperature data. By using temperature data loggers, you can ensure that your measurements are real-time and can be retrieved and monitored at any time. Our thermocouple data loggers are easy to use and can be used for a wide variety of applications. With our solutions, you can not only improve the quality and safety of your products, but also optimize processes and reduce costs. Make your work easier by using our temperature loggers.

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We at Therma are your reliable partner when it comes to temperature related measurement data. We offer affordable, yet professional thermocouple data loggers equipped with connectors for miniature connectors (CMP). These data loggers are ideal for applications where temperature values from -200°C to +1000°C need to be recorded.

Thanks to the user-friendly software, you can quickly and easily analyze and evaluate the collected data. With a thermocouple data logger from Therma, you can be sure that important measurement data is reliably recorded and stored.

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For those who are looking for an effective means of temperature monitoring, we recommend our data loggers for thermocouples. Whether you use Type K, Type T, or Type J thermocouples, our thermocouple data loggers are a reliable solution to record and analyze your data. With such a temperature logger, you will be able to record temperature changes, allowing you to detect and fix problems early. A temperature data logger is an indispensable tool for many industries and can help you save energy and resources. Take a look at our product range now and choose a data logger for temperature that meets your requirements.