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Benefit from the advantages of customized plug adaptation according to template with Therma GmbH

Adapting plugs according to a template offers many advantages that can be optimally utilized through cooperation with Therma GmbH. By customizing connectors, flexible adaptation to different requirements is possible. The specially developed plugs can thus be perfectly matched to the required specifications. In addition, great importance is attached to quality during the customization process, which guarantees a long service life for the connectors. With us as your partner, you as a customer benefit not only from our expertise in the customization of connectors, but also from a reliable and cooperative partnership.

INFO: We do not offer individual connector production for our customers. However, we can connect your connectors from other manufacturers to our thermocouples and resistance sensors by soldering, crimping screws or using plug contacts with a cable. This means you do not have to solder them yourself.

Precision and efficiency with state-of-the-art connector customization according to example or template

State-of-the-art plug adaptations based on templates are the new “wonder weapon” in the industry. More and more companies are opting for customized solutions instead of settling for standard products. Thanks to our high-tech customization technology, it is possible for us to implement even complex and demanding templates efficiently and precisely. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small special part or a large product series, connector customization according to a template always ensures excellent results and high customer satisfaction.

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    Current plugs in the store

    Multiple Jack Standard (MJS)


    Multiple Plug Standard (MPS)


    Panel Assembly Standard Vertical Three-pin High-temperature (PASVTH)


    Panel Assembly Standard High-temperature (PASVHSS)


    Panel Assembly Miniature Horizontal, self-locking (PAML)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Standard | Duplex (CSPD-CSJD)


    Panel Assembly Standard Vertical (PASV)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Standard | High-temperature (CSPH-CSJH)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Standard | Three-pin (CSPT-CSJT)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Standard | Ceramic (CSPC-CSJC)


    Connector plug+ coupling jack Miniature | Ultra high-temperature (CMPU-CMJU)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Miniature | Ceramic (CMPC-CMJC)


    Panel Assembly Standard Horizontal (PAS)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Miniature | Duplex (CMPD-CMJD)


    Panel Assembly Miniature Horizontal (PAM)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Miniature | Locking (CMLP-CMLJ)


    Panel Standard Insert Three-pin High-temperature (PSITH)


    Connector plug Standard | Duplex (CSPD)


    Coupling jack Standard | Duplex (CSJD)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Miniature | High-temperature (CMPH-CMJH)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Standard | Jab-in (CSPQ-CSJQ)


    Connector plug + Coupling jack Miniature | Three Pin (CMPT-CMJT)


    Double attachment, U-Bracket


    Double attachment, U-Bracket Wire Clamp


    Innovative plug production & plug adapters by example

    Connector production by example is a new method used in connector customization. By using templates, connectors can be customized by us in a short time and exactly according to customer requirements. This innovative approach not only saves time and money, but also offers greater flexibility in the production of connectors. By customizing connectors according to templates with Therma, special requirements can be taken into account that would otherwise not be possible. Customers can therefore order customized connectors and adapters and turn their visions into reality. Get in touch with us!

    Consistent results: Connector customization & adapter production according to template

    Consistency is the key to successful connector fitting and adapter production to template. Whether it is the production of individual components or the assembly of finished connectors, precise implementation is essential to achieve reproducible results. This requires careful monitoring of the manufacturing processes and effective quality control. When implementing templates, it is important to pay close attention to the specified dimensions and tolerances in order to ensure error-free production. This is the only way to achieve satisfactory results that meet the high demands of our customers.