Compression-type fittings

Compression-type fittings are the link between the sheathing thermocouple and the measuring environment, and allow precise adaptation. After installation of the compression-type fitting, the thermocouple can be inserted with the required installation length and clamped firmly into place. This allows individual measurements to be carried out directly on site using self-defined installation lengths. A compression-type fitting also allows the fast and straightforward exchange of the thermocouple. We offer compression-type fittings with numerous thread types for a wide range of sheathing thermocouple diameters. We make the housings from stainless steel. Depending on the area of application and requirements, the compression cone is made from stainless steel, ceramic, brass or Teflon.

Images of compression-type fittings

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Stainless steel compression-type fitting


Teflon compression-type fitting


Brass compression-type fitting


Ceramic compression-type fitting