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THN – Digital & Analog Thermocouple Connector Conditionner


THK – Thermocouple Amplifier


THA – Thermocouple Connector Conditionner

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  • Entire production made in Germany (handmade)
  • German specialists (Employees have mostly been with the family business since it was founded)
  • High quality and durability (high quality materials, better and experienced manufacturing)
  • Custom-made production according to specific configuration within 1-2 weeks and according to your requirements
  • Further scale of discounts on request

Temperature Transmitters, Temperature Converters and Thermocouple Amplifiers from Therma

In the world of industrial automation and process control, temperature transmitters, temperature transducers and thermocouple amplifiers play a critical role. These devices are essential when it comes to making accurate and reliable temperature measurements and providing that data in a form that can be read and interpreted by other system elements. This is where temperature transmitters, temperature transducers and thermocouple measurement amplifiers come into play. They take the weak signal from the thermocouple, amplify it, and convert it into a format that is easier to read and less susceptible to interference. In many cases, they convert the signal into a standardized 4-20mA signal that can be easily read by most industrial control and monitoring systems. By using these devices, companies can improve the accuracy of their temperature measurements, increase the reliability of their process control systems and ultimately improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

The challenge of using thermocouples

The use of thermocouples presents a unique challenge. Unlike other types of sensors, the signal from thermocouples cannot be read as easily. This is due to the special way thermocouples work. However, the problem is that the signal generated by a thermocouple is often very weak and can be easily affected by electrical noise. In addition, thermocouples require a special input that is designed specifically for them. This input must be able to detect the thermocouple's weak signal and amplify it so that it can be read.

Simple solution for reading thermocouples using Therma products

To overcome the challenges associated with using thermocouples, temperature transmitters, temperature converters and thermocouple measurement amplifiers are often used. These devices are specifically designed to convert a thermocouple's weak signal into a format that can be more easily read by standard measurement devices. A temperature transmitter is a device that takes the weak signal from a thermocouple, amplifies it, and then converts it into a stronger signal that can be transmitted over longer distances without being affected by electrical noise. This signal can then be read by a measuring device or control system. A temperature transducer, sometimes called a thermocouple transducer, serves a similar function. It takes the signal from the thermocouple and converts it to a different format that can be read by standard measuring devices. Often, the signal is converted to a standard 4-20mA signal that can be easily read by most industrial control and monitoring systems. A thermocouple amplifier is used not only to amplify the signal from a thermocouple, but often provides additional functions such as linearizing the signal (to make it more accurate) and compensating for what is called "cold junction" which can affect the accuracy of the thermocouple.