Industrial thermometer

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Since the invention of the thermoscope in 1569, the thermometer has been the best way to control or control burning processes or chemical processes that generate heat. With our high-quality products and intelligent technology, reliable and continuous measurements can be carried out successfully even in the high temperature range. Various thermocouples and resistance thermometers are suitable for this purpose, which, due to the combination of materials, provide excellent measurement results in specific temperature ranges.

Unsere aktuell beliebtesten Produkte zur Industrie-Temperaturmesstechnik im Sortiment

Connector plug Miniature (CMP)


Sheathing thermocouple | Teflon | Type K |


Self-adhesive | Kapton adhesive foil | Type K


Coupling jack Miniature (CMJ)


Stainless steel compression-type fitting


Sheathing thermocouple | Fibreglass | Type K |


Connector plug + Coupling jack Miniature (CMP-CMJ)


Crimp Insert


Screw-in thermocouple | Teflon | Type K |


Teflon | Type K | 2x 0,08 mm AWG40 | Tmax 300 °C


Connector Miniature Jack PCB Side Mounting (CMJ-XXPS)


Sheated | without conductor | Type K


Usable in the process industry, our industrial thermometers are a popular measuring instrument not only in the chemical industry but also in core and peripheral processes in other branches of industry. Whether it is used to observe chemical reactions in crude oil processing, melting processes, in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products or industrial bread baking, we deliver quality at the best price. In our online shop we also offer the complete range of accessories for the installation, protection and process connections for industrial thermometers.

Functionality and technical background of the measuring principles – the industrial thermometer

A resistance sensor determines the temperature based on the change in resistance experienced in the metal used. As the temperature rises, the resistance increases and can be read from a resistance table due to the synergy effects. Depending on the accuracy, this type of thermometer industry can be divided into classes A, AA and B (IC 60751: 2008). In our online shop you can get the common PTC thermistors (PT100, PT1000 and Ni120) as well as NTC 10kOhms. The thermistor, made of platinum or nickel, has a positive temperature coefficient and is more accurate in the low temperature range. The industrial thermometer with NTC resistance (Negative Temperature Coefficient) reacts more precisely at high temperatures. Both types demonstrate high measurement stability, especially in long-term use. The thermocouple, on the other hand, consists of two different semiconductors that are connected at the end. Thanks to the Seebeck effect, a thermal voltage is to be measured, which arises due to the temperature differences between the measuring point and the reference point.

The variants of the thermocouple as a thermometer industry

In general, the temperature range depends on the choice of metal pairing. This is revealed by certain labeling and designation in our shop. At Therma you can get industrial thermometers of types K, J, N and T, which are suitable for continuous use of 10,000 hours.

For example, the best-known type K thermocouple, consisting of NiCr and Ni, can precisely indicate temperatures from – 100 to + 1,100 ° C. The measuring medium and the diameter of the conductor also play a role. With different color codes (IEC, BS and ANSI), the industrial thermometers can also be assigned in a short time. The thermocouples primarily only indicate the temperature difference, which can only indicate an exact temperature through cold junction compensation or a reference junction temperature. We have the necessary amplifiers and transducers that can perform linearization automatically.

Buy the industrial thermometer and receive a volume discount

Unlike the infrared thermometer industry, our industrial thermometers are usually firmly attached to the measuring area in order to deliver perfect results. Purchasing our thermocouples and resistance thermistors either as a screw-in, plug-in, piercing, jacket or surface variant has a 15% discount if the number exceeds 21. We have almost 30 years of experience in sales and the development of precise temperature measurement technology for institutions, traders and companies. Our products offer you in research and industry the opportunity to optimize processes with quality products and future-proof technology. We are happy to support your decision-making with a competent consultation and industrial thermometers that match your requirements.