Screw-in resistance thermometer

With a screw-in resistance thermometer, the measuring resistor is positioned protected in stainless steel housing. The housing is equipped with a thread and, for easy installation, an Allen fitting as well. This allows the resistance thermometer to be screwed into a threaded hole and, therefore, for the measuring point to be positioned at a defined location. The screwed-in thermometer is pressure-tight and can therefore also be used for liquids or gases. We offer screw-in thermometers with various resistances.

There are also various options available in terms of wire production and their connection type. Alongside our standard versions, we also offer customised solutions. We are able to vary the thread, installation length and other parameters for you.

Typical area of application



  • Liquids, gases
  • Machinery
  • Motors
  • Chemical industry
  • Pressure-tight
  • Defined measuring point
  • Easy installation thanks to Allen fitting
  • Limited to existing thread*

* One possible solution for bypassing the thread problem is a combination of a sheathing resistance thermometer and compression-type fitting. Talk to us to find out more. We would be happy to advise you.

Images of screw-in resistance thermometer

Screw-in resistance thermometer

Screw-in RTD| Teflon | Pt100


Screw-in RTD | Teflon | Pt1000


Screw-in RTD | Teflon | NTC 10 kOhm


Screw-in RTD | Teflon | Ni120


Screw-in RTD | Fibreglass | Pt100


Screw-in RTD| Fibreglass | Pt1000


Screw-in RTD | Fibreglass | NTC 10 kOhm


Screw-in RTD | Fibreglass | Ni120