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Introduction to the world of transmitters: PT100 and PT1000

The introduction to the world of measuring transducers is a complex topic for many people. In particular, the differences between the PT100 and PT1000 transmitters can easily be confusing. As experts in this field, we at Therma GmbH would like to explain the importance and functionality of these devices.

Transmitters are crucial to accurately measure temperatures, and PT100 and PT1000 are two of the most common types of transmitters. While both devices are used to measure temperature, there are differences in sensitivity and electrical resistance.

By understanding these differences, businesses and consumers can make an informed decision on which transmitter is best for their application.

How does a temperature transmitter improve your industrial processes?

A temperature transmitter can significantly improve your industrial processes by taking accurate temperature measurements. It measures the actual temperature and converts it into an analog or digital signal that can be read by your process control system. Such a signal can be used to control heating and cooling systems and to monitor process stability.

With a temperature transmitter, you can keep a close eye on the temperature of your equipment and react to deviations at an early stage. In this way, undesirable process conditions can be avoided and product quality improved.

At Therma GmbH, we offer a wide range of transmitters for different applications so that you can find the right solution for your industrial processes.

Improve measurement accuracy: Using transmitters in your business

To achieve high measurement accuracy in your business, you can rely on the use of transmitters. Temperature transmitters in particular are a sensible investment, as they ensure that temperature values can be recorded more precisely. The transmitters process and send the measured values to the system, thus ensuring high measurement accuracy.

See for yourself how the use of transmitters improves measurement accuracy!

PT100 and PT1000: a comparison of transmitters

As a leading supplier of temperature transmitters, it is important to us at Therma GmbH to offer our customers a comprehensive comparison of the various options. Two of the most popular transmitters are PT100 and PT1000.

The difference lies in the measured value acquisition: while PT100 is based on 100 ohms, PT1000 uses 1000 ohms, which results in higher accuracy.
However, the customer’s specific requirements are decisive for choosing the right transmitter.

Although the PT1000 transmitter is often preferred due to its higher accuracy, the PT100 transmitter may be a better choice in some cases.

We are happy to assist our customers with our expertise in choosing the right transmitter.