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Sheathing resistance thermometer

Sheathing resistance thermometers extend the range of applications for resistance thermometers; they can be used at high temperatures, in aggressive media, in vacuums or under pressure where conventional insulation materials would fail. In terms of their principle of operation, they are similar to sheathing thermocouples, with the wires lying inside a protective sheath and insulated with magnesium oxide. The measuring resistor is located at the tip. This means that the thermometers, with the exception of the measuring tip, can bend along their entire length. This means that the sheathing resistance thermometer can be integrated perfectly into its installation location. As a result, they can be used anywhere - whether in industry, development or in laboratory environments. The sheathing resistance thermometer can be secured firmly in place with a compression fitting and positioned directly at the measuring point.

Typical area of application

  • Scientific equipment
  • Control technology


  • Freely flexible behind the measuring point


  • No details given

Images of sheathing resistance thermometer