Teflon | Type K | gas-, steam-, watertigth


Teflon | Type K | 2x 0.2 mm AWG30 | Tmax 280 °C


Teflon | Type K | 2x 0,08 mm AWG40 | Tmax 300 °C


Fibreglass | Type K | 2x 0.5 mm AWG24 | Tmax 450 °C


Fibreglass | Type K | 2x 0.2 mm AWG30 | Tmax 450 °C


Fibreglass | Type K | 2x 0.127 mm AWG36 | Tmax 450 °C


Kapton | Type K | 2x 0.5 mm AWG24 | Tmax 350 °C


Kapton | Type K | 2x 0.25 mm AWG30 | Tmax 350 °C


Kapton | Type T | 2x 0.25 mm AWG30 | Tmax 350 °C


Fibreglass | Type J | 2x 0.5 mm AWG24 | Tmax 450 °C


Fibreglass | Type J | 2x 0.2 mm AWG30 | Tmax 450 °C


Kapton | Type J | 2x 0.25 mm AWG30 | Tmax 350 °C


Wire RTD | Pt100


Wire RTD | Pt1000


Wire RTD | NTC 10 kOhm


Wire RTD | Ni120


Buy quality temperature sensor cable from Therma

In the range of Therma you will find a variety of different cables temperature sensors, which are used especially in the heating technology of temperature measurement. They can also be used for various purposes in different applications and industries. The products differ in several factors, such as the material composition and the tolerated temperature range during use. To make reliable and concrete temperature measurements, choosing the right product is crucial. Consult our knowledgeable experts for the right cable probe for your application. Therma’s product variety offers different versions of power thermocouples, sheath-tube resistance sensors and thermocouples. Equip yourself with the right cable temperature sensor and measure precise results. The measured values of our products are reliable and can be used for temperature measurement for a long time due to the high-quality workmanship.

Use thermometer with cable sensor to measure precise temperatures

A thermometer with a cable sensor can be used to measure temperatures. Mainly, cable temperature probes find use in the field of heating technology. At Therma, we offer cable sensors in a wide variety of designs. Depending on the area of application, thermometers with cable sensors are manufactured differently in order to provide the most precise measurement results possible. Variable factors include the sleeve length, the power material, length as well as the protection class. Depending on the product, the respective temperature sensor cable can be used at different application temperatures. Matching the cable sensor to the application is particularly important for various reasons. On the one hand, this ensures that the measured temperature values are precise and reliable. On the other hand, possible dangers can be avoided in this way. Since the available temperature sensors with cable cover different application areas, the wear of the parts can be reduced by the right choice.

Temperature sensors with cable – the production material influences the range of application

The different products of Therma’s cable temperature sensors differ primarily in the manufacturing material. For the measurement of temperatures in industry can be used both thermocouples and other power thermocouples or sheath-tube resistance sensors. On the one hand, they differ in the material composition and thickness of the electrical conductors. In addition, the insulation or the material used for it plays a decisive role. For example, materials such as Kapton, glass fiber or Teflon are used for this purpose. The materials have different properties and thus have an effect on the intended area of application. This is particularly noticeable in the temperature range applied. In addition, the use of certain materials can ensure that the cable temperature sensor is waterproof, for example. The many factors influence in which areas and under which conditions a cable temperature sensor can be used.

Determine application and conditions before buying cable temperature sensor

Temperature measurements are made in a wide variety of industries and conditions. Factors such as the degree of humidity in the measuring range play a significant role in the selection of the appropriate cable probe. In particular, the temperature range should be considered to ensure the performance of the temperature sensor. While a power thermocouple type K made of Kapton can measure temperatures in a range from -250 degrees to +285 degrees Celcius, the cable type fiberglass type K is not suitable for the same temperature range. The above product, due to the material and manufacturing, is intended for a temperature range from -100 to +450 degrees Celcius. Similarly, conductive resistance thermometers differ in the range of application. Here, too, a distinction can be seen in the measuring range as well as in the resistance. For reliable measurements, you should find out in advance exactly what conditions exist in your area of application.

Therma advises you on your required temperature sensor cable

Do you need a temperature probe cable for a specific application? Our expert specialists can help you find the right heater sensor cable. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us a request for custom manufacturing? At Therma, we will gladly accept your inquiry and determine the feasibility of your requirements. It may be possible to order an item from our store in a custom size or dimension. Thread and material composition can also be requested from our professionals. At Therma, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry, so we can best meet your needs and requirements. There is also the possibility of requesting a discount when purchasing a high quantity of cable probes. Equip yourself with a high quality temperature sensor cable from Therma.