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Schnelle Lieferzeiten von Thermoelementen

Fast delivery times

In our online shop for thermocouples and sensors for professional temperature measurement you will find all our products quickly and clearly. However, in addition to the wide range of products, cables, wires, plugs of various types, lengths and configurations,...

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Therma supplies the Formula 1 and DTM with thermocouples and resistance thermometers

Therma supplies to Formula 1 and DTM - a report by Bergische Landzeitung

From Lindlar to the race tracks of the world: the Bergische Landzeitung, a regional sister paper of the Kölnische Rundschau publication, reports in an article from 3rd January 2018 on the successful development of Therma Thermofühler GmbH and on how the...

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 USB Temperature transducer THERMA Direkt T

THERMA Direkt T USB temperature converter

USB temperature converter - Includes free read-out software - Efficient and flexible measurement without additional measuring system - Mobile and directly on site - For all common thermocouples.

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Miniature surface thermocouple, 3 x 0.05 mm

3 mm miniature surface thermocouple

With this development task, our challenge was to exceed our previous solutions. A thermocouple was to be developed for surfaces that did not exceed a diameter of three millimetres and which had as low a net weight as possible. To keep the response times as...

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25 years an experienced specialist for thermocouples in motorsports

Whether it be Formula 1 or professional karting series, we are your specialists for thermocouples in motorsports. With our highly sophisticated temperature sensors, we offer customised solutions and tried-and-tested standard applications for all kinds of...

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F1 exhaust gas temperature sensor

Extremely vibration-resistant thermocouples for motorsports

Thermocouples are especially suitable for use in high temperatures and, when protected by Nimonic75 sheathing, they can even be used directly in aggressive and hot exhaust gases. Measurement of the exhaust gas temperature is frequently needed in motorsports....

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Therma online shop for thermocouples

New professional webshop now online

Following tremendous demand from at home and abroad, Therma GmbH has now expanded its previous online offering with a large, professional shop featuring around 500 measuring technology products. Here, you will find everything relating to temperature recording,...

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Brochure title pmw issue July/August 2014

PMW unveils "tailor-made" sensors from Therma

The current August edition of PMW - Professional Motorsport World, the international trade magazine for people interested in the latest developments in the automotive industry and motorsports, showcases customised sensor solutions from Therma Motorsport. If...

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