Heat protection sleeve – TEXTALU® E


TEXTALU® E is a thin wall glass fibre braid made of glass fibres with heat-reflecting aluminium coating. Its reflecting surface guarantees that the protective sleeve made of this high-performance material maintains a nearly constant interior temperature even under strongly fluctuating ambient temperatures. This non-ductile braid sleeve is ideal for protecting lines, cables and cable sets against radiation heat.

Product name and dimensions Type E
Order code Interior diameter (mm) Wall thickness nom. (mm)
TEXTALU/E-8 8 0.65

Technical data:

  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +220 °C (intermittent +350 °C)
  • Reflects radiation heat
  • Equalises under strongly fluctuating temperatures
  • Flame-proof
  • Flexible
  • Form as supplied: alternatively in cut lengths according to customer desires
  • Colours: Standard: aluminium (-8)

Mechanical attributes:

  • Flexibility: good, even at negative temperature values

Thermal attributes:

  • Continuous operating temperature: -40 °C to +220 °C
  • Peak temperature: +350 °C (intermittent)
  • Temperature resistance of the glass-fibre braid: +550 °C without coating
  • Heat radiation resistance, reflecting: Can be determined for each application (test method: ΔT-measurement)
  • Burning behaviour: flame-proof, self-extinguishing as per Type A
  • Resistance to ageing: 3000 hours at 190 °C

Chemical attributes:

  • Material: asbestos-free

Application range:

Thermal protection and bundling of cable sets, lines, conductors and sleeves/hoses in industrial and automotive area and in transport sector.


Cut to length with standard cutting tools. For optimal fixation and a clean end-seal of the mounted sleeves, we recommend our self-welding RUBAN silicon tape.

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